Friday, May 22, 2015

Verny Rose Park

Verny Park is just a short walk from the navy base. This weekend, Chickadee and Millinophile headed over to look at all of the blooming roses. Verny Park has over 130 species and 2,000 individual bushes. It was quite impressive.

 Part of the park.

 "Christian Dior," bred in 1958.

 There are three different kinds of red roses in this photo.

"Kibou," bred in 1986.

 "Novalis," bred in 2010.

 This is a statue of Oguri Tadamasa. He was a part of the first delegation to the U.S. He was also executed as a traitor.

 "Sakuragasumi," bred in 1988.

 This is Francois Leonce Verny. He came to Japan to build the Yokosuka Arsenal in 1865, and stayed to build the Kannonzaki Lighthouse and the Hashirimizu waterway. He also developed brick production before returning to France in 1876.

 "Albrecht Durer Rose," bred in 2002.

 "Sweet Dream," bred in 1988.

 "Philippe Noiret," bred in 1998.

 This fountain has metal roses sprouting from its center.

 These white roses had a decidedly bluish hue in person. "Aonokiseki," bred in 2008.

 "Lavender Meidiland," bred in 1932.

"Pink Drift," bred in 2006.

 "Funny Face." 

 Japanese naval ships and "Knock Out," bred in 2000.

 "Brack Tea," bred in 1973.

 "Sweet Diane," bred in 2000.

 "Paul's Himarayan Musk," bred in 1916.

 "Rose Yokohama," bred in 2000. It's also practically identical to the Kamakura rose.

 "The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild," bred in 2003.

"The Prince," bred in 1990.

 "Princess Michiko," bred in 1966.

 "Jubile du Prince de Monaco," bred in 2000.

 "Stephanie de Monaco," bred in 1971.

 "Rosa nitida," bred in 1807.

 "Leda," bred in 1827.

"Ichiyou," bred in 2005.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Grape Jelly in a Can

While walking around Kurihama Flower Park, Millinophile developed a substantial thirst. So, we headed to the vending machines to see what they offered.

Millinophile chose this, which ended up being a grape jelly-type drink. It reminded Chickadee of really watery jello (she was not a fan). Millinophile decided he quite liked (probably due to the high sugar content).

Monday, May 18, 2015

Kurihama Flower Park

Millinophile and Chickadee went to Kurihama Flower Park for their Spring Festival, but it was raining, so the Festival was canceled. On the plus side, the park was basically deserted. 

 So many bicycles. And part of Millinophile's finger.

 A shrine we passed on the way to the park.

 A giant field of poppies. You can come and pick the poppies in October, apparently.

 The other end of the poppy field.

 The poppy field from above. You can also see part of the city of Kurihama in the mist.

 At the top of the park is Adventureland, which boasts this large statue of Godzilla.

 "Endress Summer" Hydrangeas.


 These water fountains are really hard to drink out of.

 The ocean.

 These smelled terrible.

 The greenhouse had all sorts of interesting succulents.

 This is a mutant daisy, with two flower heads on one stem.

 A chrysalis.

Fuzzy caterpillar.

 A beatle.

Some scary stairs we climbed down.