Thursday, July 30, 2015


 Several weekends ago, Millinophile went to SpoCha with some work buddies. SpoCha is basically several floors of games that you can play (at this SpoCha, you paid for a time, like 9 hours). This picture has a foam ball game where you shoot at the other team.

 They had a bouncy house full of giant balloons.

 A fishing pond stocked with real fish.

 A mechanical bull.

 Ping pong tables, and so much more. Millinophile particularly enjoyed the tiny motorcycle racing track, where you could ride tiny motorcycles around.

 A mechanical horse racing track. These seem to be really popular at casinos.

And, if you want to play for your ice cream instead of just buying it from a vending machine, you can!

Millinophile said the only downside was that lunch was expensive and tiny (like 5 chicken nuggets for $5). Also, it was raining the day he went, so the outdoor sports (archery, batting cages, etc.) were closed.


  1. wow, never heard of such a place! intresting!

  2. I kind of want to go in that bouncy house filled with balloons..:)