Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Apartment!

Finally! We managed to take some pictures of our apartment to share with you.
 Our entryway. As you enter our apartment, the kitchen is to your left and the living area is directly in front of you.

 Our kitchen. It's pretty large, with tons of counter space. My only complaint is that both outlets are next to the sink, which means that counter gets really crowded with appliances (that's part of why the toaster is on top of the microwave--don't worry, we take it down before we use it).

 At the end of the kitchen, we have this large pantry. To the right is the pantry cabinet and to the left (not pictured) is a large bookcase. Also, this pantry is freakishly tall. 

 Our living room.

 A plant by the window that's next to our table (you can't see it in the above picture). This plant keeps trying to hide these icons.

Chickadee's nesting dolls. The king and the egg-shaped lady are from Chickadee's grandmother. The rest are from Millinophile's mother.

 The hallway leading from the living area to the bedrooms (exciting, I know). The cabinet to the right is a huge linen closet. 

 On the left side of the hallway is our laundry room.

 Directly across from the laundry room is the bathroom. Yup, it's tiny. Chickadee keeps dropping things (such as her toothbrush) into the tiny chasm between the sink and the bathtub.

 The smaller bedroom, which is our office/icon corner.

 This is the first time our icon corner has actually been in a corner! We also finally have icons for all of our parents and siblings (except the Apostle Philip--icons of him are particularly scarce for some reason).

 Our bedroom. That lump is Millinophile. Chickadee gave up trying to take a picture when the bed was both made and unoccupied. This quilt is from Millinophile's grandmother, and it's the perfect weight for the summer months. During the fall/winter, we use a heavier, larger quilted bedspread that we received for our wedding. Oh, and Chickadee made those curtains--they're semi-blackout and totally necessary.

The other half of our bedroom. Things on the wall above the dressers: Millinophile's commissioning document, both of his bachelor's degrees, three post-graduate certificates, and a master's degree. Chickadee's bachelor's is notably absent, since it's a weird size and she hasn't bothered to buy a frame for it yet. That door leads to a fire escape, and makes furniture place awkward.


  1. I love your place! that quilt is nice!! and your icon corner is lovely; it's great to have a big kitchen but I can see the not having outlets spread out can be a pain... but overall a really nice place! :)

  2. What a treat to see your home! You've done a beautiful job setting it up. Did you make the origami fish in your office?

    1. I made all of them except the fat blue one. That one was a souvenir from our origami lesson at Culture Day.

  3. You're settled in nicely :)